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past, present, & (hopefully) future releases

#1 : 37 Minute Hours - For Want Of A Crusher / Untitled cassette (n/a)

two songs of fuzz, jangle pop, neat rhythm and blurred vocals recorded in very, very low fidelity at band's garage and homes.

each copy is wrapped up in a unique piece of cloth with an individual sewed-on picture. contains info sheet, some slides and, in some instances, a few additional pictures printed on velvet paper.

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#2 : L-1223A - "6 Songs Alternated With 5 Interludes" lathe cut 8-inch (n/a)

o blessed days of kickin' youth... eleven noisy and creaky pieces that don't last a minute. it took an evening to capture and two years to release.

this album was cut to transparent 8-inch square discs, which were later spray painted and dressed in rag jackets, each with a piece of abstract art stitched on it.

quite unfortunately, some copies were damaged badly while being painted. they come with "compensative" cassettes.

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#3 : Haunted / Jack The Knife split cassette (n/a)

4 synth punk pieces from moscow & 2 garage pop + 2 synth punk/pop tracks from saint-petersburg bring you simplicity and purity that can be found only in stuff that was never meant to be heard. long live bedroom recordings!

issued in Haunted's old jeans with glued-on pictures. don't miss one.

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#4 : Awaara cassette

the one and only posthumous album. 3 songs and 4 instrumental tracks of punk and love.

issued in printed fabric bags with 40 cm high folded inserts of band pictures and photos of karjala & a few with 22x15cm printed fabric inserts, watercoloured inner cardboard sleeves, hand-written tracklist and labels.

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#5 : Materic LP (n/a)

years of perfecting. these karelians are totally serious about what they are doing, and we are totally pleased to have taken part in giving physical life to their work.

it was the first time we dealt with vinyl. co-released with hidden rainbows and trvs records. tapes on krapiva.

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#6 : Eyrie cassette (n/a)

as ever, everything went just not like we wanted. could not help it.

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#7 : Paper Wounds cassette

saint-petersburg said to say hi! 4 sad noisy pop songs straight from under lowering northern sky

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#8 : 0353477 - "Modules" lathe cut 7-inch / diskette

in memory of a good stay by the sea

#9 : Weieieii lathe cut 7-inch (n/a)

weird name, weieieiird emo. hand painted covers. few copies issued with metal cover.

#10 : Haunted 7-inch

this place is dead

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#509 : Dubrovsky lathe cut 12-inch

bedroom produced techno from a nice guy who never succeeded in bringing up aliases

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#? : Haut 7-inch

early material available at soundcloud

#? : Sun Drawing Water LP
#? : Weieieii / Sun Drawing Water 7-inch
we decided once that the noise our friends make should be documented in a form of some kind of artifacts, not just packed music. available stuff can be purchased at our discogs store.
we also gather together sometimes. the venue name is also an explanation for some weird catalogue numbers.
feel free to turn to us with whatever question you have.
cheers from moscow